Adroit Utilities

New Gas Pipeline to British Sugar

Adroit Utilities are celebrating a successful partnership with a PN Daly Ltd on the testing & commissioning of a new 7.5 km intermediate pressure gas pipeline to British Sugar, Cantley.

Adroit Utilities were appointed by PN Daly Ltd, a multi-utilities specialist with offices across the UK, to carry out the hydrostatic & pneumatic testing and drying of a new gas pipeline PN Daly Ltd had installed.

The project saw many  challenges including the supply of a continuous water supply for the hydrostatic testing as the pipeline was to be tested in one length of 7.5 km, Adroit Utilities ltd arranged for three 100,000 Lt static tanks to be located at the fill point and had a further two 30,000 Lt road tankers topping up the tanks as necessary. The testing (including desiccant drying) was completed successfully over 73 days. Cathodic protection services were also deployed along the pipeline to protect the asset.

Once the testing was completed Adroit Utilities Ltd then continued with the specialist hot tap connection to the 7 Bar Cadent Network and commissioned the pipeline.

Operations Director, Scott Hardy explained: “We were very pleases to partner with PN Daly Ltd on this major project and delivered, as promised, on time on budget and with zero safety incidents. We very much look forward to working with PN Daly Ltd on future projects”.

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