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Multiple Occupancy Buildings

Multiple Occupancy

Modifying or altering gas connections for multiple occupancy buildings can often throw up a number of challenges, but our expert team are on-hand to recommend and implement the most appropriate service for your project.  

We understand the installation of input pipework to a multi-occupancy building requires expert consideration, and intricate preparation and design. For new developments, we’ll recommend the most appropriate place to position your new meter, and anticipate your gas load to ensure the input pipework and meter are most suitable for the expected usage. We’re also able to provide gas disconnections for multiple occupancy buildings, and we will work with you to ensure this is undertaken with the minimum amount of disruption.

As a GIRS recognised organisation we are accredited to construct mains and undertake service infrastructures, and it is worth bearing in mind many gas providers will not commission pipes that are laid by an organisation that doesn’t hold the appropriate accreditation.

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